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In 1973 my sister, Joyce, took my sister, Sharon, and I to the island of Hawaii.

It was a first for me…flying over water…leaving home and family for a real vacation…all sorts of firsts.

I made a dress to wear on the plane so that it would act as a parachute if we went down.

I was so afraid of the flight from Oahu to Hawaii that I had a drink.  It was such a short flight that the attendant was saying, “Drink up!”  Big mistake.

When the landing gear went down, I screamed out loud.  So much for sophistication.  Sharon and I scratched each others hands scrabbling for the seat belts.

Joyce was embarrassed.

We laughed, we cried, we ate, drank and called home to beg for more time.  Sharon, do you remember us in our plastic bags?  We had been in downtown Kona at a wonderful outdoor bar (aren’t they all?) and it started raining like a big dog.  It poured.  We drank.  It poured and got dark.  When we finally HAD to leave, the bartender gave us huge garbage bags to wear.  Did you pee your pants? LOL!

We were all dressed up in our long flowered dresses and walking into that lovely hotel on the ocean.  I remember crossing a koi pond with those crazy fish smacking at us as we passed.  Then we saw those hibiscus and picked them for our hair.  Man, did we think we were gorgeous…until you spotted the ants crawling on my cheek.

We were thrilled to receive local handmade leis from our friend on the eve of our departure.

Thanks, Joyce for giving me an experience that began my life of travel.


P.S. That hibiscus photo reminds me.  Was there anyone like Joyce for “kakking up”(sp?)?  We’d take all of our postcards, books, and anything we wanted to the tables in bars, restaurants and poolsides.