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Boarding at Chicago and on to Rome.  Hooray!

I got business class.  Imagine my wonder and awe when I deciphered the buttons in my individual area and realized that my seat whirred, buzzed, and turned into a bed.  And it had a TV in front of it with earphones and my own personal remote.  I woke up after only a few hours sleep feeling refreshed with no neck or shoulder pain.  How can you beat that after having been rear-ended just over two weeks ago?  Definitely worth the price of admission:  money and mileage plus points.

I need to find out the details of that United plane.  It’s a keeper!

My only reservation?  I felt a bit more vulnerable in turbulence from a prone position.  Like it would help if I were sitting up gripping the arms of my seat?



In the baggage area of FCO (Rome) airport, the lines are long at the exchange counters.  Directions to the lone ATM were to no avail…it didn’t take my card.  In desperation I returned to the Exchange counter, but when I analyzed the exchange rate including fees, I asked the clerk if there were other ATMs.  “Of course”, he said, “outside”.

Duh!  Once we left the barren land of luggage, we entered the realm of Tourist Information (really nice young people who speak English), ATMs, and all manner of rental counters.  Don’t be discouraged, folks.  Wait it out!

BTW, it was easy to take the train to the Termini in Rome.  There are international signs to lead you.  I think it may have been cheaper to take the bus, but I thought…”Hmmm, train…termini.”  Seemed too easy, and it was.