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There are times that my personality serves me well.  I’m a “big picture” person without much attention to detail.  I tend toward the romantic and sentimental and I try not to let nasty reality color my view of the world.

Sometimes that works.  But usually I have Ron taking care of REAL life.   I’m wondering…

At the apartment yesterday I asked about the big things.  I know I have a bed, pots and pans, dishes, etc.

But were there any plug-ins?  Will I need to move the bed in order to read at night?  In fact, will I need to buy a lamp?

I asked the landlady for sheets, but were there any blankets or pillows?  Oh sure, I carry my pillow all over the world, but how will I prop myself up to write?  I don’t remember that there were any easy chairs.

But there was a table with chairs.

Is the plumbing problematic when it hasn’t had a boatload of British pounds thrown at it?

If so, where do I learn the words for, “The sink (or toilet) is plugged”?

A few of her son’s clothes were in the closet.  Does he have a key?

Will anyone other than the children talk to me?

Well, I can’t know any of this until Friday.  I get my apartment at mezzogiorno.

In the meantime I am going to dream of hanging out my window like (was it?) Hermione Gingold.  I’ll imagine the voices echoing down the streets from the Trattoria.  I’ll fill the kitchen with bouquets of basilica and the aroma of the local sausage cooking in tomato or porcini mushroom sauce.  I’ll buy a plant for the stairwell.

For two and a half weeks I’ll be living in a medieval village in southern Italy!

TRAVEL NOTES:  Whether in Italy or Greece, I have always found a room by asking around.  Once local people know you are looking, you will find plenty of offers.