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I never really wrote about my first house.  I guess I always felt as if I were on my way somewhere.

It was a nice little apartment if a little dark in location.  The remodel was lovely, but its last life was as a wine cellar so it was in a narrow little alley. There was a ton of privacy but no view and no action.

It was pretty well set up to cook.  Of course, anything I needed, I could go upstairs and borrow (utensils) so that made it easy.  I ate most of meals at home as I do now.

The hosts of Casa Cielo are from Britain. Clive provides some great meals and is always ready with an opinion on everything so sparks lots of conversation.

Casa Cielo with my alley on the left.

Katherine is especially lovely. When I saw her photo on their website and first met her, I had a totally different take on her than after spending some time with her.  She is intelligent and curious.  I enjoyed hearing her analysis in many of our debates because she so clearly reads a lot and thinks things through.

They are both very friendly and the attitude of the place is that everyone is always welcome.  Many evenings I joined them on their deck or went up the roof garden to have a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset.

It’s always interesting to get to know people who live life so differently.  I haven’t been to England other than the airport, so this has been fun and enlightening.

I met Ashley and Lisa (more Brits) there.  Ashley is a fascinating and highly successful  entrepreneur.  Over pizza one night he gave me some insight into his creative thinking and organizational skills.  Amazing!   Lisa is buying a home here in Scalea so she will be back soon to check on the progress of the remodel.  I’ll enjoy seeing her again.  Her new flat is just around the corner from my apartment so I can check on it from time to time.

Fine dining in the alley!

Altogether it was a good place to light and get my feet under me.  Clive and Katherine are still a resource if I need them.