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I can’t keep away from myself for long.

Strangely enough, after I arrived in Scalea my time clock was worked out and I was sleeping easily and long.  Sometimes I would have to hustle to make it to breakfast before the 10 a.m. cut-off at Casa Cielo.

Then when I moved into my appartamento, the time loomed out ahead of me each day as a lifetime.  How would I make it through the month?   When I woke in the mornings I would fall back asleep.  8 hours…9 hours…why worry about getting up?  On one hand, I thought I have found the secret of relaxation and sleep.  On the other, I truly wondered whether I could fill my days with anything meaningful.

Yikes!  I’m back to being myself.  I’ve been waking up at 5 a.m. and trying to get back to sleep, but there is sooo much to do.

Hotel Genova in Scalea

Let me see, I need to be up and at the bus stop at 9:45 a.m. to go to Prai a Mare and meet Jeni and Pete.

My friends from Birmingham, England.

And I forgot to buy bread for breakfast so shall I cook some pasta or go early and have coffee and a roll at the caffe?   Oh, that’s right, Lavinia gave me a fresh boiled egg last night from a friend in the country, so maybe…  And I don’t have any more zucchini cooked for dinner, so shall I fix my spinaci before I leave?  I don’t know what time the bus comes and I want to get to the Hotel Genova to see Rosalba, connect with family on the internet and call Ron.

My friends: Paola, Lavinia and Maria (sisters) and a kind unknown friend who gave me one of her garden cucumbers and has a grandson somewhere in California. She can't remember.

And Lavinia and Maria said they were worried last night because I was late to Passeggio.  (I thought they weren’t there and went to the photo store) and they’ll be waiting for me for sure tonight.  And Tonino wanted to wait until tonight to get his photo taken because he hadn’t shaved last night.

Whew!  Back to my old busy habits.  No wonder I can’t go back to sleep.

Welcome to my trip, Lynda.



Praia a Mare has beautiful seaside and is an easy bus ride from Hotel Talao for less that 2 Euro.