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I’m revving up for home, I guess.  I woke up about 4:30 a.m. and ended up reading, etc. until I heard the bells warning that mass was a half hour away.  Quickly I got ready just in time for Lisa and her cousin, Joyce,  to ring my buzzer and we were off.  For a minute…  When we reached the top of the stairs with the other two ahead of me, we met Miss Cranky.  She sounded belligerent enough that Joyce and Lisa ducked behind me.  I got close to her and said, “Io non capisco.”

Okay, here’s the gist.  Why was I dressed this way (nice black blouse, white skirt, hoop earrings and black flats)?  I should be wearing the pretty earrings I was wearing yesterday.  She went on and on and I finally just told her that I would wear them this afternoon.

Well, she was waiting for us after church.  She firmly informed me that I should be at the Piazza de Torre Cimalonga at 3 pm (I said 4pm) and that I should wear the earrings and sandals.  (When I showed up, btw, I had the wrong sandals on and she sent me back for my black ones.)


Lisa, Pete, Jeni, Lynda with Joyce in front


We were all of for lunch with Pete and Jeni, so I decided that I would come back in time to change and would offer her a choice between the earrings and the bird ring (which she admired yesterday).

Surprise!  She actually took the earrings.  (Be working on a new pair for me, please, Karen.)*


Note two pair of earrings on my buddy.


She wanted me to put them on her and so I took off her gold hoop.  She had a fit and wanted both pair on.  Okay, then.  She is in heaven.

So, of course, Antonio comes along and wants the ring (jokingly).  I took it off, he put it on and I got his photo.

I stopped to talk with Teresa on the way back to my house.  I filled a bucket of water for her and she asked me to sit down.  I told her that I was leaving, that I had gone to mass this morning and that I would continue to pray for her; and then showed her the small rosary.  I told her that I would like to give her something to remember me by.  She said I should telephone her.  She sat for a bit thinking.  She beamed and said that for her regalo she would like for me to come back.

Yikes!  This is a fairly demanding lot on the upper Piazza.

Maybe I’d better call Jessica and have Pizza tonight instead of going to Passeggio.  Lavinia may want my clothes.


* for a look at my (used to be mine) cool jewelry, see http://www.paperdemonjewelry.etsy.com/