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Well, I’m on my way again.

Sunday (really early) I will leave for my first visit to Ecuador.  As much as I love Latin America, I might not have gotten there if it weren’t for trailing my family once again.

Grace has been in Ecuador for over 9 months.  She’s moved around the country a bit and is settled for the remainder of her exchange in Quito.

At this point, I am mostly excited to be with her.

Everyone knows that I am totally weird about “spotting”  my family.  Since she left in late August it has been killing me.  But I understand the AFS rules.  Let these kids get settled and have a sense of their new home and country before being bombarded with their other family.

Well, I am ready to bombard.

Not really.  I’m not hoping to spend all my time with her. I am ready to catch a glimpse of her.  To see the whites of her eyes.  To soak in her surroundings and understanding the life she is living so far from us.  To see her friends and family.

I’m hoping that we can create a few shared memories and that I can inhale the atmosphere of her country and be prepared to listen to her perceptions.

I also want to learn about this new Grace: the self-reliant, Spanish speaking, adventuress who can absorb difficulties, find a sense of place, and be confident in advocating for herself.

I’ll be happy to have the time after I leave her to intersperse the memories of this new young woman into those I have of her as a child.

Okay, so I’ll have another flag on my bracelet of countries I’ve visited, too.

It’s all good.