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Karaoke with Renan and Andrea

La Virgen de Quito on the hill, El Panecillo

Singing Karaoke with Grace’s family the first night in Quito.

The grumpy lady in the restaurant who complained about everything but told Grace she had beautiful eyes.

Winding up the road to the top of the hill to see that statue on El Panecillo, that is so visible from all parts of the Centro Historico. 

Kids playing with circles on the road up the mountain.  I wish I had gotten a video of the prolonged “mean” look from the little girl which finally relaxed into the tiniest of smiles.

Grace cooking morels from home.

Crowded buses with people pushing and shoving to wedge a butt or a thigh into the solid mass of humanity so the doors could close.  (Or Grace, giving me a shove so that I would move more quickly off the trolley.)

The view of Plaza Santo Domingo from the breakfast room window.

Faces on the street and traditional clothing everywhere on the street. 

Older men dancing the folklorico.

Iglésia la Compaña (Church of Gold)

Some of the amazing churches.  From the time I arrived, I heard of the Church of Gold.  Okay, so there’s an abundance of gold in every church…but La Iglesia La Compaña

"un" ice cream

That horrid stuff that looks like ice cream and is really more like flavored coolwhip.

Time spent watching movies on with rain pounding outside.

Hasta la  viaje próxima

TRAVEL NOTES:  You can catch a cab from El Centro for between $12 and $15 for the trip to El Panecillo.  It’s a wonderful view from up above and and interesting ride, too.  Impossible and (we heard) unsafe to walk.