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There’s no easy way to get here.  Planes, trains, automobiles.  No matter how you transport…it takes more than 24 hours from the west coast of the U. S. Sigh…

In a way, I felt like a seasoned traveller this time around.  In other ways, I wondered if I was losing my mind at how much I had forgotten.

And, of course, there are changes.

  • The palacio piazza is fenced off for repairs of the building.
  • I am staying in totally different area; not better, not worse, just different.  Life goes on.

I’ve blogged about the homecoming already here.

Suffice it to say, I have landed, I am grounded, and on my way.

Photos to come when I’ve sorted the internet issues.


When you get off the plane in Rome, you will follow the signs to customs (where you go through the gate marked “nothing to declare”.  There is a place to change money (don’t do this if you can help it” and an ATM machine in this area.  There is another ATM machine outside the customs so don’t worry if the first one is broken.  Once outside the customs just follow the signs to the train. Also, you can pay for your train ticket (there are machines and a ticket window ) with visa so you are fine without money.

In the Termini Centrale in Rome there are several readouts by the tracks where you can locate your train.

Downstairs by Gate 24 you can check your baggage if you have a layover and are exhausted from dealing with those heavy suitcases.  Allow plenty of time to reclaim them.

If you just have a bit of time you can go upstairs to the CIAO and get real food.  It is cafeteria style and you pay for what you get but they have fresh food: fruit, pasta, salad, etc.  (There is an elevator and an escalator.)

There are two banks of shops etc. beyond the tracks.  After the first bank is you find the ATM machines if you have not managed to get money yet.

After the second bank is the train window.  If you ordered your ticket on the internet and have it printed out, you do NOT need to stand in line and trade in your printed tickets.  They will work.  Also, you may not be able to validate a corner of your printed ticket in the little machines.  Just explain this to a conductor who will be standing by your train.  He’ll wave you on.