It is strange to spend a particularly American holiday in another country.

Fourth of July is such a flamboyant day in the U.S.  Bright colors, band music in  the parade and then again in the park.  Fireworks bursting in the air.

Not here, not today.    Although the Italians love fireworks, they normally save them  religious festivals.

The flags that I see here are primarily displayed for tourists.  There’s a variety of  countries represent down by the lido, which, I assume, is to announce  that the Brits, Germans and Americans are welcome along with the Italians.

American Flag

Then there are the kitschy representations of the our flag.  American FlagAmerican Flag TowelGlittery jewelry.  Beach towels, tote bags, and hats..  Well, I suppose those are available at home, too.  Especially in late June and early July.


Oh, and election years.American Flag Elephant

Fourth of July goes without comment here.

Next year!