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What I love becomes more special when I am with the people I love.  And it’s even better when who I love, loves what I love.

Is that enough love for you?

…and she cooks!

My time in Scalea gets better each day.  First my daughter and her famiglia arrived.

They love the beach.

From our balcony.

They love the pedonale.  They love the food.  They love the medieval village.  I feel validated.

Scalea LanternMy daughter and I had a wonderful walk through old Scalea while the water babies bathed.  Later we experienced hubbub of the center on a Saturday night.  We could probably have watched the people all night (and I believe they would have been there) if the entire family weren’t still a bit jet-lagged and ready for bed at midnight.

Scalea beachLast night three more of my grandchildren arrived with oohs and aahs. Immediately changing into suits they said goodby to the heat of the train and jumped into the beautiful waters of the Calabrian coastline.

Antica Taverna in Scalea, ItalyBecause my daughter and her partner were leaving today I wanted everyone to join me at my favorite taverna/trattoria near the top of the centro storico.

Stairway in Scalea

I can tell you that we were all sweating again by the time we reached the top…even though it was late in the evening.

Antica Taverna Scalea

Poor photo…good foodthough it was late evening.

I think they were all a little bit skeptical of the rickety-looking tables and the menu that didn’t look too special. I had told them that it was traditional in that we would be served what they had that evening, rather than ordering from the menu.

I was partly right. This year they have a complete menu. They take the order. Tnen they return to tell you that they don’t have what your ordered but that you can have what they are serving.

Hooray!  Because it is always wonderful.  The unbelievers who thought they might not have enough were silenced when the plates of antipasti began arriving. And arriving.

Three pasta dishes (primi piatti) and three meat dishes (segundo piatti) and a contorno later…no one could eat another bite.

Until we walked back to pedonale where the gelato beckoned us.

Life is sweet in Italy.  The last four grandchildren are on their way from Rome.  It gets better and better!

TRAVEL NOTE: You can follow signs to Antica Taverna.  In the summer it is more reliably open.  In the shoulder seasons, not so much.  Worth trying!