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Beach in Scalea

All of my grandkids with the little neighbor girl (on the left)

It’s so easy here. I knew that I could count on each of these kids to be on the best behavior; I just haven’t been around each and all of them long enough to realize how great their best can be. They are who they are and who they are is a joy to experience.

There is an underlying current of love that ties everything together. It’s a bit like the ameobic mob that I imagined. The mob oozes from the beach to the kitchen table to the dining area (to play cards) to the balcony, etc., moving individually and in groups to form constantly changing conversations and activities.

Gelato in Scalea

Miyako, Grace, Ally and Aisha

We’ve spent a lot of time all together (much of it eating gelato) and some times separate. It all works.

I’m impressed.

I’m in awe of the two younger boys, Griffin and Seiji, who went with Robert on his first day here to join a group of young people in choreographed dancing by the beach.

I’m thrilled with the four young women who are inclusive and expansive. From the oldest (23) to the youngest (13) they blend seamlessly as a slumber party, a shopping group and a balcony stretching class.

Cole and Bryce

And these older young men? Who could ask for better? They are loving and caring and so funny in their interactions with each other and the rest of the cousins that we are smiling and laughing our way up and down the streets.

They all jump at any chance. (Even on the trampoline in the amusement park downtown.)

Grace jumping. Allyson, Aisha, Miyako, Griffin and Seiji each had their own trampoline.

We were invited to have lunch with the Italian family that lives above us. Stuffed with mashed potatoes, pasta and chicken; they were convivial, appreciative and relaxed with the Italian tradition of lunch at 1:30 that was really served at 2:45.

The youngest (l0-year-old) child of that house has a super crush on our youngest. He graciously acknowledged her stacking of fairy dolls and figurines by his plate and followed all of her instructions.

They helped with the dishes and stayed for socializing on the balcony.

Lunch in Scalea

Eating lunch upstairs.

Socializing on the balcony.

Our hostess and her daughter in the center back.

One of my greatest joys is to feel so included in the camaraderie of this pack. Each and every one of them knows that they are cherished by me.  I feel cherished by them. This is the best gift I could have given myself.

I’m just saying…