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Eating and sleeping take much of our days.  And we are managing to do some participating and some exploring.

In Scalea

Ready for the (non) disco dance with Italian friends

The choreographed dancing wasn’t at a convenient time but the kids were all invited to a disco dance.  Excitement ran high as everyone lined up for another shower and the girls tried on every bit of clothing that had been brought to Italy or purchased here.

It ended up as a bit of a bust.  Not that it wasn’t fun, these kids make everything fun.  Seiji sang the lyrics to the songs with everyone chiming in on the chorus.  Aisha and Robert brought out the party fingers for the entertainment of all.  They just didn’t start the music before we ran out of patience (over an hour later) and so we departed for our customary gelato.

The characteristic tower was built in 16th century on an island called Talao which later adjoined the mainland due to the flood-tide. Its massive structure shows it was built for defensive purposes.

We’ve climbed the tower here in Scalea.

On top of the tower

There was one aborted effort to swim in the sea at night.  After parading through the passegiatta in our swimsuits and coverups, we walked down the ocean only to find really big men who may have been drinking.  About face!

And I rousted everyone out a few days ago to go to the market in Diamante, a neighboring town that is best known (to me) for the beautiful paintings and murals on the houses. I didn’t think that was enough of a draw, but the flea market was in town there and I knew the kids would love that.

Our immediate problem was that by the time we got out the door, the next bus would get us there about the time the market closed…and in the heat of the day.

Bus for VerbicaroChanging plans quickly, we caught the bus to Verbicaro.  You all know how much I love that town.

Lovely photo opportunities in an ancient village

Now Kellee and Karen (who went a few days later) and my grandchildren love it, too.

There is a narrow window of opportunity to enjoy this small town.  The bus arrives around noon:and leaves again at 3:45.  Vincenzo’s Trattoria opens at 1 pm which gives time to explore and then spend the normal Italian time to eat…at least 1 1/2 hours, more if necessary or desired.

This trip was enjoyed and created a well-loved memory.  Vincenzo actually remembered me from due anni fa (two years ago) and was thrilled with our presence.  As usual, we were the only tourists in town and drew plenty of attention as we had photo ops by the Italian flag, etc.

Another bit of serendipity was our vicarious attendance at the wedding across the street from the trattoria.  Fireworks, even!

Wedding in Verbicaro

Watching the watchers and the weding in Verbicaro

Photo shoot in Verbicaro

Waiting for the bus we were entertained by a couple of young men, one of whom would climb the hill by the bus stop doing a wheely all the way.

Market in Scalea

At the market is Scalea

BTW, we didn’t miss the market.  We caught it on Monday morning here in Scalea.  Success all around.

Verbicaro photos:

Bryce and Aisha

Miyako, Robert and Seiji

Grace and Aisha with Lasagna

With the Italian Flag

Karen with a plate of antipasti at Vincenzo’s (Kellee’s photo)

Bryce, Robert and Seiji

Miyako, Aisha and Grae

Miyako, Aisha and Grace