Not including our flight to Europe, train travel to southern Italy, rented car to the neighboring town of Cirella, last night we had (I think) the largest carbon footprint dinner that I can remember.

After a big day (another story) we ended up later than planned looking for dinner before a concert we were planning to attend.  When we arrived in town there was one ristorante (which promised to take a long time for service), a pizza bar (step down from pizzaria) and a place with plastic tables and chairs and a grill outside.

We stopped to ask if there were a trattoria in town and were told that we already knew the choices but for their wonderful meat on a spit.

Why not?

It all began with the wine.

Our white wine was served cold with peaches cut into it.  In small plastic glasses.


Our antipasti were served on plastic plates with plastic silverware encased in small paper packages.

Paper napkins.

Main Course

Second course served on plastic plates with meat wrapped in additional aluminum foil.  (We learned that the lamb had been brought in from Abruzzo, a province north of Rome which is 5 hours away.)

After-dinner granita served in plastic glass with plastic straw.

All delicious and debilitating to the planet earth.