I have been to Rome a few times. I’ve wandered the uneven stood in line for blocks for the Sistine Chapel and the Colliseum with my travel friend, Mary.

This time I’m doing it my husband’s way. P1040059We jumped a double-decker bus (as did thousands of other tourists) and got a windblown tour of the Eternal City.P1040079 It gave him a great idea of what he wants to see more closely. And it gave me a chance to test my memory skills. Did we walk down that street last year? How close are we to the convent where I stayed a few years ago?

Mostly, though, I am looking at Rome through the same lens but with a different focus. It’s the little things that are catching my attention.

I love the ubiquitous frescoes and mosaics of the Madonna on buildingsMadonna  Mosaic and arches throughout Italy.

Cracks in the ColisseumWe went back to the Colliseum, and this time I was fascinated by the graphic design of the cracks in the walls and the receding landscape of the Interior.Interior of Colisseum

At the Mary de Maggiore near our hotel it was Bilingual confessionalcomforting to know that if we wished to admit to our sins, there was ample time in this bilingual confessional.

Some statues take on a differentP1040066 meaning according to the view.

Roof Garden in RomeGardens, gardens everywhere. It proves to me that even on a balcony or a roof, we are sometimes closer to God when we have a connection with the earth. (It can’t hurt to stem the pollution either.)

Pollution on the car And speaking of pollution. After a sprinkle of rain we were horrified to see the evidence of what we were breathing on hundred of cars parked in the crowded streets. It isn’t for lack of trying to use less gas. The motorcycles are everywhere.Motorcycles

Guards at the Vatican

Guards at the Vatican look a bit like court jesters.

I’m leaving the market photos out because I know I will need to devote an entire post to the glories of marketplaces on this trip. Rome market

I will give kudos to the man who called me back to get my change of forty euro when I had mistaken the money and thought I had given him a 10E note.

And I must always see the Pieta Pietaif I have the opportunity. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes. The wonder of Michaelangelo’s talent is always worth waiting in line.

How many churches...how much gold?

How many churches…how much gold?


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