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Remember that old Frank Sinatra song, ‘Twas on the Isle of Capri that I found…” ?

Capri is a magical island. Despite the crowds on the marina and in the village of Capri…

Road to Anacapri

The road to Anacapri is narrow and winding…scary in a bus!

there is much to see. We just happened to miss it. No Blue Grotto. No chair lift to the highest peak.

Having taken the Funicolare

Funicolare in Capri


from the marina to the town of Capri, we again escaped the crowds by paying 1,80 E each and crowding onto one of the square orange buses for Anacapri.

P1040117Aaah…much more quiet.

We decided to explore. As we headed into the Centro Storico we began reading the signs and longing for food. TrattoriaWithout ever reaching the first historic church we were drawn to a vine covered walkway leading toward the sea. It wandered around to a wonderful discovery, Osteria del Isolata.

We ordered too much; a Antipasti in Anacaprihuge plate of artfully prepared antipasti of grilled vegetables. A Caprese Insalata (of course!), Pasta Cozze e Vongole (clams and mussels) and grilled calamari served by a young man, his wife and young daughter (10-year-old?). The grandfather watched from the first table.

We sat in perfect garden surroundings; vines, kitschy figurines, vine covered gardenbabbling conversations in French and Italian, and sea air wafting up from the ocean far below us.

What could be better? Sated, we decided to go no further. We shoe-horned ourselves back onto the bus; chuted down the Funicolare, and were tenderly tendered back to our ship.

Next time…perhaps we’ll see the wonderful Villa San Michelle and the historic sites. But give me authentic cuisine with local ambience and I’m really happy.

Wind Spirit from Town of Capri