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Good with a knife!

Good with a knife!

Siracusa, Sicilia is a port town with an intriguing old center. Just turn to the right, wind through the streets until you find the ruins of Apollo’s temple and wander into a Market in Syracusebeautiful market.Shark at the market

We were following the ship’s chef on his morning shopping jaunt and it was fascinating. Again, I am withholding many of the beautiful market shots for a finale, but the people were friendly, the foods delicious, and the experience delightful.

AranciniI had two “wants” on my list for Sicily: 1) Taste Arancini, and 2) eat some Sicilian olives.

I bought the olives in the market, snacked on them through the Centro Storico; and gave them to a woman begging by the church.

Outside the Duomo

Outside the Duomo

Instant gratification for all – she was happy, I was sated.

P1040170Then we happened onto a sign along an alley on the way to the Duomo. Arancini!  The man in the little shop was helpful. He told me the traditional way to eat it…like an ice cream cone with the fat side up.Arancini I sat down immediately and ate the wonderfully greasy, flavorful rice ball filled with meat and sauce. It was a bit like walking along the streets of Paris eating those delectable tarts: not done, but fun!

I finished my visit with a quick trip into town to use the internet. The shops were closed but a nice waiter in a restaurant invited me to sit down and provided the password. For the price of a cup of espresso, I sat for an hour and caught up a bit.

P1040173The people and the city are delightful. Sicilia…check!