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Wind Spirit from Town of Capri

Our ship, the Wind Spirit at anchor in Capri.

We have sailed on the twin sister (Wind Star) of this ship before. It is a lovely way to travel if one loves cruising. A yacht can sail into much smaller ports than the normal cruise lines. Thus, we see unusual places and sometimes we are lucky and there are only 148 people +/- spilling off a a ship, changing the ambience of our destinations.

Sails aboard Wind SpiritIt is cruising, however, and so we are seeing the world, not necessarily experiencing the cultures of the world. Most of our connections are made with people much like ourselves who we meet on the ship. It is always an interesting lot; from artists to nobel laureates, pediatricians to image consultants. And people from Argentina and Australia as well as England, Germany and Barbodos.

My husband and I have played the same game since we were teenagers – at home and P1040174abroad: identifying “types” as people we know or know of and thenceforth calling them by the names attributed through our imagination. Thus, we have sailed with two different Sean Connerys, Paul Newman, our accountant, Ron’s friend who had a stroke, etc.

In addition, I decided to change my personality for this trip. I borrow the phrase of a fellow shipmate who described herself as relentlessly friendly.  This worked well for me in the first week.  We met interesting shipmates including spending two weeks intermittently dining with Christopher Plummer (see former paragraph:) And then when we traded out most of the shipmates for a new batch…I didn’t have it in me to be quite so energetic.

Luckily, there were six couples who were “repeaters” on the second week.  We found ourselves flocking together like a clique in middle school. Oh, we met a few new people…but we really we felt as if we were on a strange ship.

Arvin, who reminded me of my Grandson.

Arvin, who reminded me of my Grandson.

It wouldn’t be fair, either, not to mention the warmth and charm of the staff of the Wind Star line. P1040196We are embraced by these people who are making our days and nights perfect. Dul, Ari, Jeffrey, Yos, Lorena, Gusman…I salute you!

I haven’t taken good photos of the interior of the ship. So here is a link to someone who did. And it is impossible to get a photo of the ship under sail and am thus borrowing this from another website:

Thank you, cruiseweb.com

Thank you, cruiseweb.com

Night sails on the Wind SpiritOne thing I never tire of is the excitement of unfurling the sails. The ship creates an emotional “sail away” complete with music from the movie (I heard by the grapevine), 1492. At sunset or midnight, it is the same, overwhelmingly beautiful.