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Can you spot the micro-trash?

Can you spot the micro-trash?

Our beaches are a window that give a glimpse of our oceans.

Today it seemed there was good news and bad news.

The good news is that after the weekend there are fewer traces of parties and family picnics than last year. Perhaps we are becoming more enlightened about our environment.

Since plastic, in the form of bottle caps or glasses, and Styrofoam coolers, surfboards and cups, all change in the sun and the salt water and become bits and pieces that beckon fish and birds; I am thrilled to see less of them this year.

The bad news is the endless evidence of past negligence. And when the plastic has been to sea and is washed up to shore, it is much more difficult to clean up. Teensy-weensy bits of plastic are hard to separate from the sand and it becomes discouraging for the faint of heart.

When I bring my bag to the beach, however, I become obsessive. After all, if it catches my eye, it may also appeal to my friend who watches for food along the shore. I want to protect him.P1040708

A personal and inexpensive contribution to the solution is that we pick up the new trash or refrain from leaving it behind, thus saving our world from more micro-trash. And, if we spend some time helping to clean up our past, we enhance our view through this particular window.