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I have just returned from a quick trip to Mexico. (More on that later.) And I’m am happy and relieved to have made it.

Yep! This is how bad it was…

“On behalf of United Airlines, I want to take this opportunity to reach out to you regarding Flight 718 to San Francisco.

I realize how stressful it can be to experience unexpected turbulence during a flight.  Please know that United utilizes some of the best technology available to help ensure smooth air for our customers. Even so, turbulence can at times be unforeseen and simply unavoidable.  That’s one reason why United takes great care to ensure all of our flight crews are well-trained and able to handle any adverse situations. While the turbulence was brief and the flight continued without further incident, I can certainly appreciate any concern and anxiety you may have felt personally or on behalf of others. Thank you for your understanding of this unusual in-flight event.

Your satisfaction and business mean a great deal to United Airlines, and we look forward to our next opportunity to serve you.


G. B. Sheffer
Proactive Recovery Operations Team
United Airlines”

When the plane is rocking, bobbing and dropping, when the engine is accelerating and decelerating, when the plane begins to groan and growl, it’s easy to wonder if it’s time to break the rules and send a goodbye text to your loved ones. (Maybe better to commune in the spirit…much less worrisome to those on the ground.)

I understand the severity when the pilot announces that it’s the worst turbulence he has ever been through. In the back of the plane the attendants are discussing their own fear and anxiety. No wonder we passengers were moaning in fear.
I accept your apology, United Airlines. But having experienced some serious turbulence  approaching Rome two months ago, it may take me awhile to fly ANY skies!
The Wanderer