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I can wait years to eat cheesecake. (Of course, since I am allergic to most of the ingredients…I should wait forever!) Anyway, I don’t bother with substitutes. I wait until I am in New York. I am willing to break out, puff up, and feel a little punky for some New York Cheesecake.

Grace and Robert enjoying Carnegie cheesecake on a grandchild trip.

Grace and Robert enjoying Carnegie cheesecake on a grandchild trip.

And so, by late afternoon on or first day Kellee humored me and we set off for Carnegie Deli, my first choice for decadence. Knowing we were going to splurge, we walked from W 72nd down to 7th Avenue and 55th.

IMG_5985What?  Closed indefinitely for repairs? This was crushing.

But after pouting for a bit, I came up with an alternate plan. In spite of the Times Square (I know, I know…avoid Times Square) crush, we needed to go to Roxy Deli. It was actually the first stop on each trip with my IMG_5986grandchildren. We would check into our hotel and head for Times Square, knowing that the hubbub there made the biggest impression on the kids. The Roxy Deli was a true tourist haven but it served decent sandwiches and outstanding cheesecake.


On our last trip to the Big Apple Roxy Deli had moved from its expensive frontage to a spot around the corner by B.B.King’s Blues Club on 42nd St. Now,it is gone, closed, no more…

Discouraged we tried Junior’s Cheesecake. It is popular with a lot of people but it didn’t work for me – too sweet – not dense enough. We grabbed clean forks and gave our barely touched portions to the first people we met who were not choosy about their cheesecake.

Cheesecake at Two Little Red Hens

Cheesecake at Two Little Red Hens

Of course that wasn’t the end of the story. The next night we had some forgettablecheesecake that had been listed as an internet choice. Good enough to finish but not good enough.

Finally, our last full day in New York we visited some friends on the upper west side and were withing range of Two Little Red Hens which has been highly rated by several lists. It was good. It was very good.

But it wasn’t Carnegie Deli!