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Being a part of the sculpture on the High Line.

Being a part of the sculpture on the High Line.

Our time in New York has been a true vacation. While doing some of the typical Big Apple things we have meandered through our time without having pre-planned anything. (Other than The Chew on our first day.)

By good fortune we made a last ditch effort at tickets to Fun Home an hour before curtain timed and scored second row seats to a marvelous play.

Fun Home

Fun Home

I highly recommend this serious theater disguised as a musical. It covers the gamut from humor to pathos with dialogue that carries the story (even in song). It is insightful and sometimes too familiar.



We lucked into a wonderful exhibition of Picasso sculpture at the MOMA which opened the weekend before we arrived. It was a great precursor to our upcoming week in Paris.IMG_6023


Isn’t it great to see the greenery?

We visited some spots like the High Line – a perfect transformation of an old train track into a well-used walking and running path which has plenty of places to sit along the way while enjoying the greenery or watching the people.

Typical day at Times Square

Typical day at Times Square

We spent a morning with friends on the Upper East Side.

And we had way too many opportunities to visit the dreaded Times Square. (All roads lead there!)

But of the interesting things we found to do in New York, perhaps the most fascinating was to walk the streets observing life lived in such a different way and in a similar way.


Wow…there really is no place for the garbage but on the street.

Just think, if you’re buying presents at Toys ‘R’ Us you have huge parcels on the subway. (Christmas time is interesting!)

People eat much later in New York than we do at home. The outside seating is packed with locals having dinner after 9:00 p.m. We are usually on our post-meal stroll by then since we are staying in a flat and enjoying a lot of our meals in.

All the parents (and or nannies) in our neighborhood wait outside the schools for their children to walk them home. Even if one has a car, parking around the schools would be a nightmare.

It’s no wonder that grocery shopping is done one day at a time, those bags are heavy.

The street people and (assumed) homeless are much more visible here. And the advent of canners has changed the profile. They are hard to miss on the street. And it’s a hard way to make less than a living.

The M&M Store...any port in a storm.

The M&M Store…any port in a storm.

Sometimes you end up where you don’t want to be just to use a restroom!

My daughter, Kellee, and I have visited New York as if we lived here. We have avoided the frantic pace of a quick city visit by not being too attached to how we spend each day.

It’s been great!


TRAVEL NOTES: We intercepted the High Line